Unlocking phone using IMEI code

If you have bought your mobile phone from a provider on contract, you can have it unlocked via the appropriate network provider. In the discounter area, many providers have removed the Sim lock in the right away. Especially with smaller providers, you get prepaid devices usually without locks. So, if you want to get an unlocked phone, you can look for the provider in your area and get an unlocked phone. 

You will get different types of the button on a different phone. Using these bottoms, one can also unlock phones. If you are a user of iPhone, there is no way you can unlock the Netlock. There will be given time on the phone itself and when the date comes to your phone will remove the lock automatically. 

While unlocking a mobile phone, you have to enter the IMEI number of your mobile phone in the field "IMEI number." 

So, what is a imei code?

Every mobile phone comes with a unique number which will identify the particular phone. Every mobile has separate IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity number. This number can only distinguish your phone from the other phone. 

Using your IMEI number, you can protect your phone from stolen. You can provide this number to the network provider to blacklist your phone when it is stolen. The IMEI number is usually 15 digits long. Using this number you can also check the history of the mobile phone. If you are buying a second-hand mobile phone, with history, you can learn if the phone is stolen or blacklisted. The IMEI number should be protected always and should not be disclosed to the public as it can possess the risk of cloning the phone. 

You will find the 15-digit number on the rating plate under the battery or on the original packaging of your mobile phone. With the key combination * # 06 # the IMEI will be displayed directly on the display of your mobile phone. Always enter the IMEI number correctly without hyphens and spaces. Otherwise, the unlock code could be wrong. Click submit. The unlock code for your phone will be displayed. Insert another SIM card into your phone and switch it on. If you enter the Unlock Code incorrectly five times in succession, your phone can be permanently locked. However, this could be for one-time incorrect try also. 

You can find the code about 24 months after purchasing the phone and unlock unlocking lines for your phone under SIM lock. Find the expiry date and unlock instructions for your device. At the end of the 24 months, you will also receive the code through our customer service. Please keep the IMEI number the device number of the mobile phone of your prepaid cell phones ready.